To the Migration Agency, the Police and Uppsala Municipality

We, Bright Future in Eritrea, would like to draw your attention to a worrying situation involving an individual named Said Berhanu Mohamednur (19880726). Said is currently residing in Sweden, specifically at Atterbomsgatan 19, 754 30 Uppsala, where he has been granted refugee status. However, it is important to note that Said can no longer be considered to be in need of refugee status, as his activities and actions have raised serious questions about his loyalty and purpose here in Sweden.

It has come to our attention that Said is actively supporting the Eritrean regime by travelling around Europe and, most recently, in Tel Aviv, Israel. He acts as a disseminator of regime propaganda and uses Sweden and Uppsala as a base to organise his activities and flights. His main purpose seems to be to promote the Eritrean regime and its message, which includes dangerous elements encouraging refugee espionage, violence, anti-Western propaganda and, more recently, pro-Russian propaganda.

It is important to note that these actions have had serious consequences in other parts of Europe. We have seen examples of violence, riots and conflicts in places such as Järva fältet in Stockholm, Bergen in Norway and in Tel Aviv, Israel, where individuals have been involved in conflicts against the police and each other. It is our concern that similar events may occur again in Sweden if Said continues to act in this way.

Therefore, we urge the Migration Agency, the Police and Uppsala Municipality to carefully investigate Said Berhanu Mohamednur’s activities and consider whether he should still be considered eligible for his current refugee status. It is of utmost importance to protect our society from the risks that his actions may entail.

We thank you for your attention to this case and hope for an early action.

With kind regards,

Bright Future