• Ever since the peoples of Eritrea began to break free from the political, social and cultural oppression to which they were subjected by the colonialists, and later during the armed strugle against the Ethiopian domination for their freedom, they have faced appalling atrocities and migrations. During the armed struggle of the Eritrean people, especially after the liberation, there was a momentum of heigh emigration rate, especially among the young generation to neighboring countries, especially to the Sudan and Ethiopia.

Whenever the struggle for freedom got stronger, be it against a foreigner or a national dictator, non-governmental organizations were formed to alleviate the problems of a citizen who escaped persecution. In Germany, for example, an Eritrean organization called the Eritrean Democratic Youth Union in Germany later changed the name to Eritrean Democratic Union in Germany has been founded and operated since 1984. And with the same purpose another organization called - Red Cross Society and Safe Children Association, was founded on May 3rd, 2004 in Sweden. From time-to-time Eritrean organizations continued to be founded to provide psychological, medical or educational help to their people in order to alleviate their misery in a moderate way. Some of these organizations felt it was necessary to pursue their goals for a common purpose, so that their good deeds get higher and better, starting with an European plan and expanding their activities under the same name. This proposal was sent to all cooperating relevant organizations and their leaders. Following this proposal, they have decided in their congresses to be reorganized under the same name “Eritrean Relief and Development Association” which should not belong to government or political institutions.

The Scandinavian Office accepted the proposal and renamed its organization to Eritrean Relief and Development Association, which received legal and invasive approval for Stockholm, Sweden on November 25, 2008. Following this, another organization was founded on July 23, 2009 under the name Eritrean Relief and Development Association based in Karlsruhe, Germany. In order to expand this goal through good acceptance and universal participation, it was imperative to establish similar branches worldwide.

On April 27, 2012 followed the establishment of an Eritrean organization for a similar purpose in Ethiopia under the name Eritrean Relief and Development Association. The Eritrean Relief and Development Association is to be accepted as a foreign humanitarian organization in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Federation) so that according to humanitarian compassion, beliefs and accomplishments can be achieved. However, it took an immense amount of effort and time to register, although being recognized as an official humanitarian organization and being able to settle on the register of Ethiopian organizations helped to implement the work of the Aid to Society, which is located in Eritrean refugee camps. Ethiopia has new and improved laws and procedures in Ethiopia that are still in the works - undoubtedly a wait for ERDA in Ethiopia. Thus, we need to ensure that this organization, which is still in the fetus and the basis of its implementation, will grow and become recognized worldwide.

This was later followed on May 7, 2019 by the establishment of an Eritrean organization for a similar purpose in the Federal Republic of America (USA) under the name Eritrean Relief and Development Association, which received legal and invasive permits from the United States of America.

The establishment in Ethiopia was more helpful to implement the work of the Eritrean Relief and Development Association (ERDA) in Eritrean refugee camps.

In Ethiopia, the recognition of new humanitarian charities is faced each time with new improvements in laws and procedures that come at some point in the process. Although it started as a successful program that has undergone many testers, challengers, and thresholds. That is the reason why we are working to ensure that this aid organization is recognized and used by the global community.

This legally recognized organization in Ethiopia is based on the organization with headquarters, management centers and legal recognition in Sweden. In cooperation with this, all sister organizations continued to offer their support. To strengthen this cooperation, they decided to set up a board of directors, convened as a founding congress, representing institutions that have separate offices, legal administrations and autonomous residences in different countries. The aim was to strengthen the ongoing collaboration.

There have been support campaigns since 1984, but mainly under the name of the Eritrean Relief and Development Organization, which started in 2006 with the Eritrean refugee camps Addi Harish, Mai Aini, Shimelba and later in the Hintsats refugee camp. It is understood that she has supported with material, moral and financial support according to the means at her disposal.

Especially in the first 4 - 5 years, because the content and capacity of their resources were so low and limited, it could not distribute the refugee accommodation as needed. In addition, she faced problems & sub-barriers from some immigrants. Eventhougt it's not still fully unsolved, based on a 'timely' report provided by the U.N. High commissioner of Refugees daily influx of young Eritrean migration to Ethiopia is always for ERDA an important factor that should be resolved. In addition, she faced problems and sub-barriers from some immigrants. Even if it is completely unsolved, according to UNHCR because of the repression, the daily influx of young Eritrean migrants to Ethiopia is always an important factor for ERDA that should be resolved.  

The challenges to be solved by ERDA were!!!

  1. Low resource capacities that cannot satisfy all migrants!!
  2. The obstacles of elements that did not put faith in the works of ERDA!!
  3. Not only with ERDA, had the refugees themselves also had no confidence with each other!!
  4. Eritrean elements outside the camps spread false information about ERDA!!
  5. Failure to overcome the threat of "longevity" of the regime and to abolish fearfulness!!
  6. In the early stages, it was not easy to obtain permission to visit the refugee camps for simple security reasons. (Because spies came disguised as immigrants)!!

It wasn't easy to cover these problems in a short time, it took many years.

To build good atmosphere between ERDA and the refugees, enabling acceptance, communication, trust, and cooperation, making sure that people understand that ERDA, which is independent of any governmental or political party, based on human compassion, that came with its own resources to alleviate the daily problem of refugees was to explain the refugees.

By understanding the real present situation had the members of the ERDA, being been engaged without getting bored, with commendable patience and endurance, they have spent years making earnest plans to convince them. Relatively speaking in such away they have resolved the unprincipled differences and the problem has passed to history.

Individual and group advice and, in large numbers of refugees through comprehensive lectures and advice in the form of seminars, have gained acceptance and trust in ERDA after years of hard work.

The immigrants have divisive backgrounds and social development: Among them are elderly people, young women, children, minor children without parents or caregivers, including the disabled, dementia, diabetes, HIV etc. also helps by providing eyes, teeth and other medical servicesERDA them with their own ability.Besides being one of the core tenets of ERDA's self-reliance, it has repeatedly offered financial support to the emigrants’ organizations.They indicate that they have set up and developed a trading company.

In addition, in order to expand its programs from development aid to development aid, ERDA sought to broaden its friendship with others who actively participate in its programs and make important contributions. Some of the long-term, earnest reservists and colleagues who allowed themselves to be mentioned are, such as The American organization Star for a Star American Dentists, Mother Care an organization in America, and those in Germany Peace & Right engineers, United for Eritrea, as well as the global Pal-Talk Smeer Room, Number 1 for Democracy, etc. The immediate and future goals of ERDA is not only giving assistance & aid for refugees, but solely the independence of young people in order to live their lives in the future without waiting for help.It's also about making sure they are trained every step of the way in a profession they have chosen.

In addition to the aid & assistances work, drinking water is prepared with modern boreholes in Qinito & Qinin. Also, the construction of elementary schools and the presentation of the necessary needs of the students, in which more than 120 pupils have been able to read write and read so far.

They also have eye, dental and other medical care as well as the availability of pure drinking water and see schools build in their hometowns, which were set up in addition to their own commitment with the support of ERDA, for the first time in their history.

The building of schools, modern drilling wells in some Eritrean villages and medical services, support for organized emigrant associations, some of which are psychologically affected, disabled Eritreans and others need good co-operation.In order to coordinate and better organize all the work of the various autonomous ERDA organizations, which have different offices and legal permits depending on the country of residence, they agreed the necessity fo setting up a joint board of directors.With those already in regions and neighborhoods like Scandinavia, Central Europe, the United States, and Ethiopia, there will be a unifying medium and more structured foundation that has proven to be an immediate strength.

Departing from this scope, the sister organizations who follow similar Targets and have been properly cooperating on their assignments, in order to include the ones to be founded in Canada Australia, Sudan, the Middle East, and within Eritrea etc. have elected a preparatory committee for the first congress of the world-wide Congress of Eritrean Relief and Development Organization.

The preparatory committee, however, may be disrupted and extended by the severe challenges because of Covid 19 situation and subsequent regional problems, in the most difficult circumstances, the successful First Congress of the World-wide Board of Directors of the Eritrean Relief and Development Organization was held on September 18, 2021.

The congress discussed a draft presented by the preparatory committee, and it was completed with full satisfaction and agreement.

  • A document of common consent and application was approved unanimously by congregations.
  • The shape of the World-wide Board of Directors was approved by a full congressional vote.
  • The Congress of 15 World-wide Board of Directors elected 2 waiting and 2 supervisors.
  • The World-wide Board of Directors has elected 5 members of the executive body from within.


Executive Committee

World-wide Eritrean Relief and Development Association

September 18, 2021